Green Week is here! But Spring…not so much

Hello everyone! We had two beautiful days of Spring and now we are back into the chilly teens. As confusing as it may seem to wake up to sun and yet still freeze your fingers off, stay strong. Warmer weather is just around the bend. As of today, March 26th, there are 43 days until May 9th, the last official day of finals. It’s hard to fathom that another year is drawing to a close but before you can start packing up and making summer plans with your friends back home, many more exciting things are happening here at OWU.

This week is Green Week; a week dedicated to the teachings and applications of sustainability and helping improve our world, one eco-friendly action at a time. On top of the fun activities during the lunch hours and the events held after classes, participants receive several useful little gifts and treats, such as delicious fruit smoothies, a vegan dinner made from local ingredients, and a very nice spork! It is actually a lot cooler than it sounds and it is a durable, lasting material to provide more convenient on-the-go eating.

One last thing before I have to go study for my exams; my little sister is coming to visit next week. I am so incredibly excited! She has never been to OWU (or even Ohio, for that matter) and I look forward to showing her as much of the school and the local community as possible!

Alright everyone, stay healthy! Avoid the mumps at all costs and do good work. I’ll talk to you again soon!



Karson Stevenson