Some cold-weather ramblings

Hello everyone! I hope your week has started off in a productive manner. I usually struggle to be efficient on Mondays, as the result of them being Monday’s.

For those of you who watched the Super Bowl, I am sorry. That was a rough go about for everyone and I’m still a bit sore about it, in all honesty. I typically am not a huge football fan but it was such a significant game I figured I should pay my respects to my team’s hard work and…yikes. That’s going to leave a mark.

My other team here at OWU, however, is doing amazingly. Field Hockey Spring Season starts up after Spring Break but most of my teammates and I have already begun some work out regiments in preparation. I had foot surgery over break and have to wear a boot until the bone finishes healing up so I am a bit limited in my capacity for physical exercise. But what I am able to do I do to the best of my abilities! I am really excited for next season as I will finally be returning to the field after two seasons of filling in as goalie!

I have received a few more questions regarding college life. I will be addressing them once I have sorted through them all and thought of intelligible enough answers. But if anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to shoot them my way. I am more than happy to help and eager to listen!

Check out the pictures page as well. I’ve gotten a bit better at uploading pictures so enjoy! I hope you are in good health and are pleased with where you currently find yourself. Do your best!


Karson Stevenson

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