And onto Finals

Hello everyone! I would like to begin by saying the President’s Ball was a huge success and to offer congratulations to everyone who helped set it up. My friends and I had a wonderful time! I also hope everyone had a safe, healthy Thanksgiving (or any holiday akin to it) from the past few weeks. I was able to go home for the first time since August and it was exactly what I needed. I was able to come back to school with recharged batteries and a laundry list of things to accomplish prior to returning home again on the 19th. And the energy that I felt coming back was only further accentuated by the energies brewing in Delaware, OH.

There is something about the holiday season that seems to electrify the air, sending an underlying current buzzing alongside the people as they bustle about in their daily lives. It is a contagious feeling that cannot be stifled and it has definitely set in at OWU.  Just in time for finals! Yay!

Not to worry. Though finals do  indeed pose a legitimate threat, they can easily be conquered by efficient time usage and proactive study measures. It is also helpful that, with such a short time span between the return from Thanksgiving Break to the return home at Winter Break, these next few weeks can be seen as being dedicated solely to studying and wrapping up this semester with elegance and poise (and a rather impressive GPA). Use the upcoming holidays as a means of motivation. Harness that excitement and energy to propel yourselves forward into success!

I am off to finish up a few research papers but best of luck to everyone and all of their endeavors! Stay warm, wherever you are, and do the best that you are capable of.


Karson Stevenson

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