Hello! I hope you all had frightfully wonderful Halloween and are beginning to prepare your pallets for the next big event, Thanksgiving. Yes it is a bit early but my roommates set up our little Christmas tree today so I feel that some legitimate enthusiasm for the actual nearest holiday is also acceptable. The other main reason for my boundless excitement is that Thanksgiving Break will allow me to see my family for the first time since August which, for a homebody like me, is a very, very long time indeed.

There are a tremendous amount of activities coming up soon, including a talent show that will be presented by OWAC (Ohio Wesleyan Athletic Council), a dance dedicated to the Eliminate Project which will be hosted by Circle K, and the annual P.H.A.T dinner which will be hosted by, of course, P.H.A.T (Peer Health Advocate Team). This is but a very short list of events but they have one crucial underlying fact: I will be planning and assisting with each of these projects! So I am definitely excited for the upcoming events.

Registering for next semesters classes is also this week and I already have a cart-full of classes. I find myself putting together a schedule of fifteen or so courses before I realize that no, that is in fact impossible.

I will be uploading some more pictures soon so please look forward to those! I hope everyone is doing well in their endeavors and I will talk to you all again soon!


Karson A. Stevenson 🙂

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