Another Weekly Update!

Greetings all! I hope everyone is in good health. With the changing of the seasons comes a tendency of colds and other bugs to spread so please try and keep healthy! OWU’s bug/flu season seems to be moving downhill (it’s hiatus seemed to be last week) and the campus is on the mend.

This past week was Homecoming Week and there was a fantastic turn-out of alumni present to join in the celebrations. There were activities everyday at lunch, including t-shirt tie-dyes and casting ballots for homecoming royalty. Several esteemed alumni presented lectures as well and the Benes Room hosted a Munch and Mingle on Friday the provided students the chance to meet with alumni and inquire about life after Ohio Wesleyan, as well as learn about new career opportunities. Saturday saw a victory for the Battling Bishops Football team with a score of 50-7 against Allegheny. Many alumni, faculty, students, and other guests also participated in after a successful Pumpkin Run 5K early Saturday morning.

Mid-semester break is approaching fast, so work hard now with that as your motivation. Everyone, stay as warm and dry as you can and enjoy the beautiful transition into autumn! As always, please don’t hesitate to send any questions or comments my way. Good luck with your endeavors!

Yours truly,

Karson A. Stevenson

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