Getting Colder…

Greetings all! Though it’s was relatively warm this past week a definite cold chill seems to have settled in on the OWU campus. I wouldn’t mind it hanging around for a while. There’s been some Greek Life activity on campus so congratulations to all who participated! I hope you’ve found some great brothers and sisters to add to your family!

The field hockey traveled to West Virginia yesterday to play Bethany College. We won 8-0! One of our beloved freshman got a ball to the chin and had to get stitches but the little trooper took it with grace and poise.She received near immediate treatment and is recovering wonderfully. It just goes to demonstrate that field hockey isn’t the dainty sport that some make it out to be. But neither are the players 😉 .

I have received a couple more questions from my high school associates and I’ve done my best to answer them below.

How do I know how much stuff to bring? If I am flying rather than driving, is it possible to get all my stuff delivered?

-It is definitely possible! Many stores, such as Bed, Bath, and Beyond, offer travel plans where you can purchase material in a store close to your home but then pick up the same merchandise at the store closest to your campus! This is best used for furniture or bedding supplies. Other than than that, bringing too much or too little is normal for the first year (or second…). You can have parents mail things to you that you may have forgotten or you can mail home belongings that you feel aren’t of use to you in college. When you travel home for the holidays, you can bring stuff back or pick stuff up there as well. Don’t let yourself feel completely cut-off from your home!

I want to join clubs but have no idea how to find them or even really sign up!

-Well, most schools host club fairs relatively early in the semester where clubs are able to set up tables or booths that provide some information about what they do and their objectives. If you aren’t able to attend the fair for whatever reason you can contact  the officers for that club or even ask some of the members. You don’t have to be shy around them even if you are still new to the school; they will be so excited about the idea of getting a new member that there won’t be any need to feel anxious! Also, assume that for whatever interests you may have there is a club associated with it. The vast number and options of clubs on a college campus is usually impressive and OWU has too many to even list. So good luck and get ready to meet interesting people who share the same passions as you!

It is time for me to return to my schoolwork. There is a relatively substantial pile as I wasn’t able to get as much done as I had hoped on the bus ride yesterday. Stay healthy, stay warm, and I’ll look forward to speaking with you again next time!


Karson A. Stevenson

Sorry for the absence!

Hello all! I’m sorry I was away last week. I had come down with a rather nasty bug and found myself working to get myself healthy, leaving less time than I would like for other activities. But I am well on the mend and expect to be completely recovered in a matter of days!

For those of you who aren’t aware the field hockey team beat Oberlin College 4-0 yesterday afternoon. It was a great win and the team has a lot of enthusiasm moving forward to our next match, an away game against Kenyon this Wednesday. We have enough motivation to progress forward and I know that, though our team is young, we have the skills and the abilities to do great things this season.

Classes are now well underway and that means it is once again test, quiz, and paper season. Things can pile up in the blink of an eye (literally, I blinked yesterday and now I have two more papers to write than I did on Saturday). Keep on top of it and STAY HEALTHY! Nothing messes up a schedule more than getting sick.

I’ll be answering a couple more high school questions next week so please look forward to that. And, as always, if any of you have any questions at all, please feel free to send them my way!


Karson A. Stevenson

A week in and still standing!

Hello all! I hope your second Monday of classes is being kind to you. And for those of you NOT in school, keep up the good work out there in the real world!

A very good friend of mine is a college freshmen this year in Colorado and has been asking me a boatload of questions…a few of which I feel may be on the minds of other new students as well. So I am going to take time this week (and maybe the next couple weeks) to answer those questions to the best of my abilities. So here we go!

Is it really possible to play a varsity sport and have a full class schedule as a freshmen?

I am a bit biased with this, I’ll admit, but I say yes! The key is time management and communication. If you have classes that overlap with practices or games, talk to both your coaches and your teachers. Both parties should be able to come to a compromise, like maybe you miss a class for a game but then miss a practice to make-up for that class period. However, DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE DAY OF TO DISCUSS IT WITH YOUR PROFESSORS. If you know there will be a scheduling conflict, address it ASAP. That will not only provide enough time for compromises to be reached but you may be able to take care of the academic commitments in advance. Communicate with all involved parties and then follow through with what you’ve agreed on.

Also, make sure you manage your time. You will have less free time than the students who aren’t doing a sport. Accept that fact and try not to be grumpy when your non-athlete friends have time to watch a movie but you just got back from practice and haven’t even started your homework. Do your work as soon as you can and go to professors with questions/concerns right away as to prevent last minute confusion. Stay on top of your work load and your athletic schedule shouldn’t interfere too much.

AND SLEEP. Sleep is a wonderful, beautiful thing that will keep you healthy and energized enough to take on your full work load. Do it often.

I am still having a hard time being away from home. Is there anything I can do to not be so home sick?

This is tricky. Being homesick is something that most students go through, even if their families live 30 minutes from campus. It can’t really be eliminated completely but you CAN alleviate it somewhat by calling home or video messaging your family. They miss you just as much as you miss them, but they don’t have the awesomely exciting new life to serve as a distraction. They can send care packages with little symbols of home, like pictures of your pets or a favorite snack. And, if you still find that you are struggling, talk to your friends about it. Upper-classmen go through it too; they can offer advice on how they manage it. I personally call home nearly every day, even if it is only for five minutes. Updating my family on my life here at OWU is the closest to sharing it with them as I can get with them being thousands of miles away.

Ok so that will be it for this week but I’ll have more Q and A’s next time, so look forward to that! Have a fantastic week and GO BISHOPS!


Karson A. Stevenson