And so it ends

Greetings all! I am sorry for the temporary break; I had a lot of academic catching up to do. But it seems to have been worth it for my freshman year has now drawn to a close. As I write this I’m hearing my peers outside, having parents assist them in packing up their belongings into boxes and crates. Walking through the halls I can hear tape being ripped and heavy objects being dropped. Suitcases and chairs are being rolled around and the garbage cans and donation boxes are full. It’s an interesting feeling, readying ourselves to say goodbye to the home we’ve only recently found. OWU has become so integrated in my life that the idea of returning to my other home is a shock. But the people I’ve met and the lessons I’ve learned will not leave me and the comfort of knowing OWU will be ready for me when I return in a few months is a comforting notion.. It was as great an experience as I had heard and then some. I have grown tremendously as a person and am so thankful for the time I have spent here. I hope everyone is able to find some form of solace, be it in with your family or old friends or perhaps even just a moment of peace by yourself. I for one cannot wait to see my family, my dogs, my friends, and to get back into the life I’ve┬áhad up to this point.

This summer try something new! Go to the movies and eat ice cream by the pool. If you have a job, do it well and try to enjoy it! Laugh at dumb jokes and smile at everyone.

I will be updating this blog sporadically throughout the summer so please check in whenever possible! And, as always, if you ever have questions or concerns please to contact me.

Stay safe, stay wonderful, stay happy, and enjoy your time!