Bishop Champion Games and Finals!

Today OWU hosted the Bishop Champion Games, which is basically OWU’s approximation of the Special Olympics. Organized by OWAC (Ohio Wesleyan’s Athletic Counsel) participants were able to try their hand in a variety of track events, from the 100 meter dash to the softball throw to the balloon toss! Everyone had a great time and the weather was extraordinary (probably some of the best weather I have yet to encounter here in Ohio).

There are only a few more weeks before the school year comes to a close. Sentimentality aside, this means that there is going to be an onslaught on tests, papers and essays, quizzes, projects, and presentations for the students. I know I will be kept busy with it all. So I’d like to take this time to share some good ways to keep your head from falling off.

  1. Go and speak with your professors! They are really helpful, patient, and want you to succeed. If you feel like you don’t understand something or just need some extra one-on-one time, don’t be above asking for help!
  2. As always, stay organized. Budgeting your time will become increasingly important so keep careful records of what needs to be done. Write down assignments and keep a tidy agenda.
  3. Make little sacrifices. Maybe you have to cut back on your Netflix time a bit more than you would like or maybe you have to leave your friend’s birthday party an hour earlier to study. It might seem painful but, ultimately, it is worth it.
  4. On the flip side, reward yourself for a job well done! Get some ice cream or treat yourself to a movie night after you’ve finished a paper or aced a quiz. All work and no play can turn you into Jack Nicholson (from The Shining…hopefully some of you catch that reference.)

For all of you still in high school, these tips can apply to you as well! Don’t become overwhelmed and take everything in stride. As one of my high school teachers used to say, “How do you eat an elephant?-One bite at a time.” Hypothetically, of course. I don’t commend eating elephants.

Alrighty all, have a great upcoming week! Best of luck in all of your endeavors!

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