Back into the fray!

Hello all! I hope everything is wrapping up nicely for your month of March! For those of who have had a Spring Break, I hope it was spectacular. For those who are about to have Spring Break, enjoy it as much as possible and stay safe! And for those who will go without the much needed reprieve known as Spring Break, I’m sorry and wish you a very relaxing weekend.

OWU is playing its A-game at the moment. This week there were huge celebrations, informative events. and exciting activities held not only for Green Week (Yay for the environment!!!!) but also for Women’s Week (Yay for women!!!!!!!! Yay for Equality!!!). There were activities held during the day, during lunch, and during the night. To see an entire campus rally together to support such worthy causes is not only a beautiful thing but also very inspiring. It is through events such as these that we can be reminded that everything little thing counts and no good deed is for naught.

I’ve uploaded a few more pictures and there are more on the way! This is one of the most beautiful campuses that I have ever visited and I can’t stop falling further in love with the grandiose sights all around me.

Everyone, please stay safe and healthy. The weeks here are numbered so try to enjoy them to the fullest. If you ever need to talk or simply ask a question, I’m here and more than happy to speak with you! Have a fantastic day!

Spring! But Not Quite Break…

Hello to all! This past weekend was Circle K’s District Convention. It was a sort of leadership conference and I had a COMPLETE BLAST! However, there was a talent show portion so I would like to offer my apologies for anyone who had to witness my performance. I tried to have therapists on call for afterwards. OWU ended up with four trophies (we took first place in that talent show, despite my involvement!!) as well as receiving plaques and certificates for individual club members. I was able to meet so many wonderful people and cannot wait for the next convention!

This week is relatively hectic for me. I already have four meetings set up for this afternoon, as well as some club activities and assignments to work on. Field hockey Spring-Workouts start now as well so I have to stick to that schedule. I have a few papers due this week and some nice, hefty exams to help close out the first half of the semester. The next four days will have me running from about 8 in the morning until I finally quit studying for the night (the hours of this retirement have yet to be determined).

For all of those who feel that their eyes are closing against their will, relax. This is an actual epidemic known as “being a college student” and apparently is best treated with chocolate, coffee, and the odd cat nap. Having a friend give you a big hug and a pop on the head is also proven to be helpful in small doses.

Though it may not exactly feel like it just yet, Spring Break is right around the corner! The excitement is building and anticipation is already starting to creep into my daily life. I’m going to be visiting some family that includes five little ones. I’m hoping to harness some of their boundless energy while I’m with them to bring back to OWU! I’m counting on the simmering excitement I’m currently reigning in to get me through the week.

Everyone, have a wonderful Monday and keep your chin up! The sun is starting to shine and the world is still spinning!