Some advantages to being a college student

Hello out there! I hope everyone is doing well. This time of year tends to accumulate all sorts of colds and sicknesses so I hope everyone is able to stay in good health.

The other day I was trying to decide what to get for lunch when I realized (quite suddenly) that I could have anything I wanted. I could get the pudding and two doughnuts and a soda and the delicious smelling french fries if I wanted to. After all, I’m a college student. My parents can’t tell me what to eat. My coach isn’t around to see. No one could give me any grief. So I choose the Caesar salad and a water bottle and headed to the library to get some studying done.

One of the best things about college is the freedom associated with living on ones own. This can range from eating a pint of ice cream every night (not recommended) to working out at the gym as little or as much as you want to staying up watching movies rather than doing actual schoolwork to possibly partaking in less reputable forms of entertainment. And some people may want to do all of this simply because it is the first time that they can! Be that the case, I think it is fair to indulge a bit. Buy frosting from Thompson store and eat it with a spoon. Don’t work out for a week straight. Watch all of your favorite movies after 11 PM. But then collect yourself and get focused. You are a college student now, meaning you have more responsibility than you probably have ever had before. That’s great! But don’t take advantage of it. Taking care of yourself (mind and body) is actually one of the most crucial steps to making it in the real world. Try and adjust your habits so that you can enjoy that which is good for you, such as working out twice a week or getting all of your homework done the night it is assigned. There may be times when this isn’t possible or that you just need a bit of a mental vacation. That’s totally fine. But don’t let that vacation become an extended stay or you will end up further behind in life than when you originally started.

Thanks again for reading! If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask me directly! Have a fantastic rest of the week!

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