Home for the Holidays

This is my dog Dodger! He’s part terrier, part kangaroo, and part coyote. He’s kind of a stinker but he is so, so loved.

Ah, the holidays are drawing to a close but a bit of freedom still remains. I hope everyone has been having a fantastic time, whether they are at home or traveling. I hope everyone has been safe and healthy. And I hope most of all that everyone was able to spend time with the people they love.

Families can be crazy. And sometimes that craziness is exactly what you need to feel right again.They can be loud and messy. They can be wild and hilarious. They can be nosy and caring. And they can be as comfortable as a warm fire on a very cold night. I’m sure there are problems that arise, old issues that resurface or new dilemmas. There may be tension from having been away or maybe sadness at having to leave again. But it is important to remember that home is truly where the heart is. Enjoy the time you have together, even if only for an hour. Look at your loved ones and be reminded of the deep bonds that connect you. Appreciate all that you’ve been given and never stop having fun.

My family and I went to Telluride, Colorado for some of break. My cousins and their families, my grandma, my aunt and uncle, and the five Stevensons’. In total there were seventeen of us in a big-but-not-big-enough condo. Most of us went skiing (I actually snowboarded) while a couple stayed home with the really young ones. I’ve been skiing since I was about four but have recently picked up boarding just as a challenge. I’m decent and haven’t broken a helmet in over two years so I think I’m improving! For those of who haven’t visited the Colorado mountains, I highly suggest you do so. You don’t have to ski or board or even stay overnight. Just drive through and try not to lose your breath.

Have a wonderful time with what remains of break and I look forward to seeing everyone in the new semester!

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