A good problem to have

One of the best things about OWU is also a semi-sad thing. It is this: at any given moment, on any given day, something exciting is happening. It might be a poker tournament or a soccer game or a march of sorts. It could be a Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser or a movie night or a dance party. The possibilities seem endless as to what events will transpire. There will be charity events and balls and sporting events and orchestral concerts. We have speakers visiting the campus all the time and there are plenty of opportunities to speak with Alumni and other professionals about life after college. This is all very exciting, but also a bit unfortunate in that there is absolutely no way to go to every single event! I mean, of all the problems to have, this is definitely not the worst one. But still, trying to decide between a pancake dinner and a basketball game isn’t as easy as it may seem.

Finals are coming up quite rapidly. Time to hit the library! Best of luck to everyone who has any form of testing coming up!

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