Stop the Flu!

This week my mom called me up worried about the flu and its spread on college campuses. She had just heard on NPR that the flu can spread like wild fire in college. We all know that the bathrooms at OWU, while cleaned weekly, are not as clean as our homes. So my mom sent me this link about the 11 dirtiest places in your home (or college dorm room). EWW!!!!
Since I felt like spreading the love, I am going to share a few with you all. First, germs are in your dorm room right now. In optimal conditions, bacteria can divide every 20 minutes. In a single day, that bacteria can multiply to 70 trillion in a single day. These germs can make you sick. Key places for bacteria to grow are doorknobs, cabinet handles, and light switches. It’s easy to keep things clean and prevent the spread of germs by using soap and water and disinfecting wipes once a week.
Ladies, makeup applicators have lots of nooks and crannies. Germs thrive in these places. To prevent the spread of germs, clean the applicators once every few weeks. One of the fun facts that shocked me the most was that an office desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. The same goes for phones, iPods, and computers.
During flu season, and really throughout our time at OWU, we should make sure to wash our hands frequently and clean every once in a while. To read more tips, click on the following link.

-Haley Sheafor

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