Revised 8/22/2022

Geog 192: Geospatial Analysis with Web GIS
Module 2, Fall and Spring Semesters
Fall Semester 2022: Module 2: 10/17/2022 – 12/15/2022
Instructor: John Krygier ( of 206 SCSC
Meeting: arranged

GEOG 192 Geospatial Analysis with Web GIS familiarizes students with software for performing geospatial analysis with a focus on web (cloud) software, ArcGIS Online. An overview of software functions and capabilities is provided along with hands-on work with the software. Understanding is assessed with a series of applied exercises. 

Learning Objectives
  • Understanding key concepts, functions, and operation of web GIS software
  • Ability to perform different analytical tasks given a selection of different kinds of real-world data 
  • Understand how desktop GIS could be used in applications specific to student’s academic interests