Daily Archives: April 14, 2014

April 14th: Rainy day blues:

Today we have broken into groups again. Torrential downpours have left us struggling to get data, we have finished entering all the data we have collected and some of our more adventurous members have gone out in the rain to do soil samples. Others are updating blogs.


Pic: Ali Getting Stuff Done!!

Soil Sample 1

April 7th – 9th: Updates

We as a group have continued to map out all the trees next to the Delaware Run and entered data into GIS. We felt like it would be more productive to start breaking into groups to try and achieve more work this week. We shortly met with Professor Krygier to discuss getting the soil samples, we will be getting information on how to do this by Monday. Trees, trees, and more trees.

March 24 – 26: Fieldwork

As a group we met with Professor Krygier to discuss the “Delaware run project in further detail. During this discussion we decided that the two most valuable layers we could add to this project would be the soil layer to make sure it was more accurate and tree data next to the run. We mapped out the soil content on the 24th and have decided that later we will want to take some soil sample to make sure our mapping in GIS is accurate. March 26th we printed off maps and sat down as a group to decide which attributes would be most important to enter into the tree layer. We also used the end of class to start getting tree data.

This is all we see:
The forest of Basel Pubs