Getting the most out of your internship

By Hannah Urano, Social Media and Blogging Intern


With the school year quickly coming to a close, it is time to begin thinking about summer internships. Here are 10 tips from US News to help you get the most out of your internship experience:

1) Know what to expect. Don’t enter your internship with unrealistic expectations; instead, be prepared to make copies and run errands so that you can maintain a positive attitude.

2) Gain trust early on. Building positive relationships will provide you with benefits in the long run!

3) Pay attention to office culture. Fitting in to your particular office setting will actually make you stand out compared to other interns.

4) Focus.  Put your phone away and don’t let social media distractions affect your work.

5) Take your work seriously. Even if you aren’t getting paid, remember that you were hired to do a job and poor performance will not lead to positive recommendations from your boss in the future.

6) Ask for feedback. Ask your boss how you are doing and in which ways you can improve.

7) Learn from your co-workers. Ask co-workers for advice; they are seasoned employees after all!

8) Dress appropriately.  Even if there isn’t a dress code, try to look professional.

9) Ask for advice. Talk to co-workers about your career plans. You never know, they may help you get a job in the future.

10) Say “thank you.” Thank everyone for their time and be sure to thank your boss for the opportunity to work there.



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