How to Apply

You begin the application process by contacting the Arneson Institute director, Professor Sean Kay, at:

Arneson Institute, Elliott Hall 201

Ohio Wesleyan University

S. Sandusky Street

Delaware, OH



Fax:  740-368-3644


You also may contact the program’s administrative assistant, Pam Laucher, Department of Politics and Government at For further detail and relevant forms, see the Arneson Institute web site at

Application involves filling out an application form and meeting with the staff to determine the best placement relative to your interests. Application is a rigorous process because it is important that students who participate in the program are prepared and also will project a positive image of Ohio Wesleyan. When we send a student to an internship, the receiving office knows we are sending someone they can rely on to carry out important duties. The success you achieve in this program paves the way for future students. Therefore, the opportunity to participate in the program is accompanied by considerable, important responsibility.