Photo of Perry Obee ’06

Perry Obee ’06

Owner & Master Printer — Obee Editions
Asheville, NC


Perry is a professional collaborative printmaker. Perry works closely with artists to develop original work in the techniques of fine art printmaking. Perry specializes in traditional stone and plate lithography, relief, monotype, and intaglio. Many artists working in all types of mediums are interested in creating works on paper in the graphic mediums of printmaking, but they lack the equipment, materials, and know-how to be able to realize these ambitions. Working with a master printer like Perry is akin to a musician working in a studio with a producer. Perry provides the technical expertise and his own experience in creating dynamic works of printmaking with many different artists and artistic sensibilities. Perry walks the artist through the process and guide them each step of the way, giving them what they need to realize their artistic visions. The collaborative process yields unexpected results, and the outcome is always greater than something either of us could produce on our own.

At Ohio Wesleyan, Perry received a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and is comfortable speaking about printmaking, collaborative printmaking, and being an artist. Perry is open to supporting Fine Arts students with the following:

  • Speaking with a student virtually or on the phone
  • Mentoring a student
  • Assisting OWU Alumni (recent Alumni, or Alumni in transition)
  • Hosting a student for an externship or shadowing experience
  • Hosting a “Career Trek/ visit” with a group of students & OWU Staff